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My Disease
by; Mitchell Vaughn

I want it so bad, can’t get it out of my mind,
It’s everything I think about all of the time.
Saving each quarter, Nichol and penny,
If I’ve looked at one, I’ve checked out too many.
SportsterEstablished the size, specs and dimensions,
And told the whole world of my latest intentions.
Driving my wife crazy, for I never stop,
If I don’t get it soon, I might just pop.
No matter to me if I go in debt,
God, just tell me why it isn’t mine yet?
Finally the day comes, I’ve cash in my hands,
I head for the car to accomplish my plans.
In an instant it hits me, as I close the front door,
I don’t seem to care much about it anymore.
I asked my wife, “What in the hell is wrong with me?”
“It’s there for the taking, yet I don’t feel the need.”
She says, “There’s a label for your disease.”
“Something the experts refer to as A.D.D.”
Sad and depressed, I slump in the chair,
And glance out the window in a blank stare.
Suddenly I jump up and point outside with a shout,
“Now, there’s something new I just can’t live without!”
My wife just sighs, that familiar, forced grin,
Uttering, “God, here we go again!”



Stranger in this World
by; Mitchell Vaughn

High school a loner, knew very few.
Hit the road thereafter,
In search of anything new.
City to city,
Alone in a crowd.
I wonder does anyone remember me now?

Many acquaintances here and there,
No recollection of names,
Don’t remember where.

Should the pace have been slowed,
Moving perilously fast?
Only then, just maybe friendships would last.

Now the sun slowly setting, twilight growing near.
Do I feel apprehension,
Or possibly fear?

If I could do it all over with what I now know.
I think I’d just stop
And watch the flowers grow.

Spent my days dreaming of what could be.
With all of God’s blessings
Right in front of me.

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