English Grammar Game that Students Love

I am always reflecting on lesson plans and seeking ways to improve student engagement.  Due to the current age of technology, texting, acronyms and abbreviated messages, I have found that countless students are entering high school without a firm grasp on proper English grammar.  In addition, the subject matter is not something that sparks a great deal of student interest.  I may just have a solution:  An English Grammar Game that Students Love.
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Beginning Guitar-Getting Started

I am a self-taught guitarist who began around the age of 10: a period172_1613 of my life when I seemed to have all of the time in the world, a lot of patience, endurance, and a great desire to succeed.  Those were the advantages I possessed, yet disadvantaged by the lack of information and materials as compared to today.  Still, true desire can overcome adversity, as refusal to succumb makes you stronger and better at your trade.  This Beginning Guitar-Getting Started article is intended to offer some valuable advice to any aspiring musician.
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The Death of the Musician – A Long Lost Art

There is nothing like that driving beat, the snap of a snare drum, a screaming guitar with just enough sustain to fade off into the sweet vocal harmonies.  Back in the day whenHendrix photo players were players with years of blood sweat and tears developing their techniques, musicians were artists and their canvas a thin layer of tape.  That was before the death of the musician, now rapidly becoming a long lost art.
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Is Social Media Overrated? Thinking of Pulling the Plug

Most people these days seem to be involved with social media in one form or another, me included. I am now, however having second, third, or fourth thoughts about it. Is social media overrated? In my case a resounding yes! And, I am considering pulling the plug.
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How to Write a Thesis Paragraph

Whether you are writing an essay in the eighth-grade or a college research paper, all students need to learn and understand how to write a good thesis paragraph. This critical introduction sets the tone of your entire paper and establishes a foundation for your opinion. All information following this paragraph will serve to substantiate your view.
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Why Teachers Might Leave Charter Schools-A Personal Experience

This article demonstrates some of the comparisons between working for a charter or county public school. It explains why teachers might leave charter schools through my own personal experience.
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The Day of the Rat-Chapter One

This is a perpetual story that I will be writing live. Would love your input. You can help me write it!

You Can Follow the Story under the “Storyland” Menu.

StoreTweety slowly stepped out from underneath the abandoned store’s overhang. The lonely plaza another symptom of a declining economy, but the ideal place to disappear into society’s bowels.
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Teachers Back to School-One Cushy Job

Well, vacation is almost over for all of the Florida teachers. Put the Vacationtanning oil and piña coladas away, grab the books, it’s time to head back to school and earn your living. With summers off, winter and spring vacations, along with every holiday under the sun, this has to be one cushy job. Or is it?
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Creative Writing-The Metaphorical Mind

The problem with young writers, they are challenged in abstract thinking, therefore express themselves using concrete description. Writing pad site 1In addition, they want to put it on paper one time, avoiding the edit stage, probably the most important. Students seek the immediate reward or satisfaction of completion, whereas good writing involves review, edit, re-review and re-edit. While there are some with an advanced natural ability, individuals need to be taught creative writing and metaphorical thinking.
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Hyperfocus-The Other Side of ADD

Most people think of children or adults having ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) as being disorganized, unfocused, and unmotivated. They easily lose things and cannot stay on task long enough for completion. Individuals with this disorder are easily distracted, have poor listening skills, and have the tendency to overlook details which leads to errors in their work. There is, however another side to ADD: Hyperfocus – the inability to redirect focus from an area of intense interest.
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