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Welcome, and thanks for visiting Theartisticmind.com!

First and foremost, I was born and raised an artist, whether it be oil painting, music, or literature.  I am a creative being with the continual pursuit of expression in one medium or another.

Within this site, you will find examples of my creations in all of the above.  Note that all of my oil paintings are available in print for purchase should you find something that appeals to you.

Having been a Middle and High School English teacher for 13 years, I have created a blog in order to share experiences, some lesson ideas, and opinions of which I feel strongly about.  Feel free to peruse through my various articles of interest.

In the Learning Center, you will find the opportunity for Online English Classes and Tutoring.  This is geared to benefit any struggling student by strengthening Grammar and Writing Skills.

On the music page, you will find some of  the lyrics of songs I’veDarkhorse Studio written of which I am pleased. In 2009, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to record at Darkhorse Studios, one of Nashville’s absolute finest studios. Here you will be able to share in that experience through photos and the music created.

It was only a natural progression being an English teacher with my background in the arts to evolve within the field of literature. Along with the music and poetry, I began writing short stories and novelettes. I will use this platform in order to share my works in this area as well.

Finally, as a hobby, just for fun, I love making videos about whatever comes to mind at the time. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to visit my youtube page.


Thanks for visiting!

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Your Comments are Welcome!

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